About Bryanston Shopping Centre

Bryanston Shopping Centre has been part of the Johannesburg Northern Suburbs lifestyle shopping experience since the late 1960s.

Formally developed as a community centre at the end of September 1971, it has catered for the affluent community of Bryanston for over five decades.

In modern times, the centre continues to bring the discerning high-end shopper the products and services they desire.

With over 40 choice shops, everything you may require is conveniently within reach - including quality, attention to detail and service with a smile.

With direct access from William Mandela Drive, the mall is centrally located and offers total convenience. The centre has expanded its offering to meet the aspirations of its discerning shoppers, while maintaining its old-school charm - now offering a wide range of tenants, which include men's, ladies' and children's fashion, designer goods, restaurants, grocery shopping and much more.

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Bryanston pet etiquette, rules to remember:

  • Only small pets, no higher than your knees will be allowed in the Centre.
  • Guide Dogs are allowed.
  • All pets must always have a collar and a leash on or need to be carried in a pet carrier bag.
  • All pets need to be house-trained.
  • All pets need to be socialised, friendly and well-behaved.
  • Pets are not allowed into Del Forno, Checkers, Woolworth, and Café Del Sol